Work (and Play) with us!

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Positions Available

  • deepOfix development (2 positions)
  • deepOfix servicing and support (1 position)
  • Drupal website & portal development (1 position)

Technical Expectations

We expect people who want to work with us to have the following basic technical skills and experience:

  • practical knowledge of GNU / Linux system administration,
  • some experience on programming in C / Perl / PHP on Linux,
  • knowledge of networking, Internet and Internet protocols
  • good familiarity with Debian GNU/Linux
  • hands-on experience on using GNU/Linux and Free Software on a desktop
  • basic knowledge of software packaging, compiling and installing software and maintaining desktops or servers

Non-technical Expectations

Though our work requires a lot of excellent and hands-on technical knowledge, that is not all that is needed to function in these roles. We look at a lot of other things when meeting potential colleagues and a lot of times these non-technical considerations seriously out-weigh technical ones:

  • excellent email & communication skills,
  • ability to work over the Internet and using Internet / web-based worlflows and applications
  • exposure to free and open source software development methods
  • strong commitment to spreading, developing, contributing to and advocating GNU/Linux and Free / Open Source Software
  • a desire to develop excellent and usable products

ROLE - deepOfix Development

We have two (2) positions available for deepOfix development:

  1. deepOfix Operating System Developer (1)
    • Operating System Installer
    • Creating binary and configuration packages for deepOfix
    • Integrating software and tools with deepOfix
    • Building deepOfix OS and Installer features to enhance user experience
    • Updating and publishing packages to the deepOfix repository
  2. deepOfix UI & Addons Developer (1)
    • EasyPush UI and application development
    • Web application development using Perl/Catalyst + TT

ROLE - deepOfix Servicing and Support

This role covers:

  • providing assistance to customers in deployment planning, product installation, commissioning and integration into the customer's operations,
  • providing post-installation services such as data and configuration migration from other products,
  • user training for effective server administration through our EasyPush Server Manager as well as on the command line
  • on-site, phone and remote-login support
  • providing and managing product releases, updates, patches and upgrades
  • authoring documentation

ROLE - Drupal Website and Portal Development

We help a lot of organisations build their web presence and portals using the Drupal Content Management System (CMS). If you have experience on Drupal in the following areas, do write in to us:

  • Customising Drupal using themes and CSS
  • Writing Drupal extensions and modules
  • Using Drupal CCK, Views and Panels
  • Developing and customising Drupal modules
  • Productising Drupal for rapid deployment
  • ... and more with Drupal!

 Apply Now!

To apply or to get more details, please do email us at:

We would encourage you to write a short informal email to us about your motivation to work with us and your past work, projects and achievements. If you include URLs pointing to your blog or participation in Free Software projects (as a user or developer), that would be very nice. We would love to be blown off our feet by work you've already been doing!

Not just that - we would also like to know more about you as a person. So if you have written (technical or non-technical) articles or content for online or print publications, or you love to sing or play a musical instrument and so on, please do write about that as well. We would be equally interested in knowing about other things that drive you in life.

Note that we don't accept applications which carry documents attached in non-free formats (such as MS Word .doc format). We sincerely hope that you respect our choice (and right) to use Free Software.